Word On The Street

Champions of growth in the
property investment industry.

Meet the team

Michael Street

Founding Partner

Michael has a decades worth of experience in the specialist finance industry. He specialises in Bridging, Development & BTL Finance for clients with varying levels of property backgrounds and experience. Michael takes huge pride in delivering a service that is personable, efficient and accessible.

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Jasmine Ough

Founding Partner

Jasmine has spent over 10 years in the property and specialist finance market with over 6 of those years acting as a qualified mortgage advisor. Specialising in Buy to Let and Portfolio Buy to Let mortgages makes Jasmine a uniquely experienced mortgage advisor. Jasmine’s diligent, detailed and passionate approach to her work means that your best interests are cared for and protected.

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Stephen Burns


Stephen has been in the property industry since 1987. A highly respected specialist finance broker, with over £1.5 billion of property funding behind him. Stephen‘s obsession is providing the highest level of service imaginable. He likes to be considered as an integral part of any clients’ team and works tirelessly to manage your funding requirements to elevate your property career.

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Willow Dog

Wellbeing Champion

Willow has been our resident wellbeing champion for the last 2 years and is a huge fan of kisses and cuddles. She is passionate about fetching and chasing and is an expert in making people happy and ‘baby talk.’

Who the devil are we?

We’re on a mission to change the world of property finance.

We’re not your average mortgage brokers. We’re not here to impress you with big words or bore you with long presentations, we’re here to provide you with straightforward support and guidance in a way that makes sense to you. 

We’re all about pushing boundaries and being different. We’re innovative and progressive, and not afraid to try new things!

We also understand that buying a property or refinancing can be stressful and overwhelming, thats why we’re here to help you. We’ll talk to you on your level, without any fancy terminology or confusing jargon.

We want to put the fun back into mortgages and make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

So if you’re looking for a fresh, fun and different approach, the Word On The Street is, that we’re the people to know!

Our Approach

Word On The Street uses a robust process to onboard our new clients quickly and efficiently.

We take time to meet you, fully understand your needs, and then we source your finance based on what you are looking to achieve.

By taking this customer focused approach, we are able to give you a genuine illustration of what you could expect to pay.

This accuracy not only saves you time in shopping around, but it also lets you know exactly where you stand.

Our support doesn’t end upon application. We can liaise with anyone involved in your new property, from surveyors, to accountants and solicitors, we can broker the whole deal.

Just think how much time and stress that could save you.

What can you expect when you work with us?


Our customers are our lifeline, and that is why we imbed ourselves into your business so that we can understand your ambitions in order to ensure you receive the right guidance and the right products, every single time.


We take pride in everything we do and that transpires into our service levels and the way in which we interact with our customers. Your interests are at the heart of everything we do.


We are open minded and keep a keen eye on the latest market trends. This ensures that our skills are at their absolute peak and that we can share this education with our colleagues and client’s as it happens. We believe that education is key to being the best versions of ourselves.


The true path to success. Enabling you, as our customer, to realise and achieve your portfolio desires and, as Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”.


With over £200m of mortgages and loans completed, the collective knowledge within our business and our network covers the whole lending process, from criteria questions, legals, underwriting and post completion matters. Let us be your guide; your eyes and ears on your property journey.

Contact us today to learn more about our mortgage and loan product services and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.